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WhatsApp was introduced back in 2009 by two developers from Yahoo. This instant messaging service, unique in its form and design was highly appreciated and downloaded by millions within a matter of months. Since it worked well on the wi-fi or Internet service, instant messaging service that previously was costly was given a makeover with Whatsapp, where people could send unlimited number of messages without worrying about their mobile phone service provider’s bill.

Whatsapp soon became popular among the masses for its money saving feature especially for iPhone users who wanted to send images and larger instant messages. But with the passage of time, the original version of Whatsapp failed to bring anything refreshing for its millions of users, which allowed many other developers to introduce their own instant messaging applications with even better features than the old Whatsapp version.

whatsapp plus iphone

One such developer from Spain introduced his highly dynamic instant messaging app by the name of WhatsApp Plus. This app although carrying the name of its older version gave users more room to experiment and fully enjoy the experience of instant messaging in a whole new way. Users were not only able to send long messages but this time they could send HD images, large sized video files, and unlimited voice notes without any interval.

Whatsapp Plus iphone app has completely outperformed its older version. Offering iphone users and a user experience like never before. Within days of its release, Whatsapp plus received tremendous response from around the world and from iphone users to android users alike. With the revised version came an entire set of new features that worked with all smartphone operating systems whether iOS and androids. Users can share music files, hide their online status, and use Whatsapp even when they are in offline mode.

This is way more convenient than the older whatsapp version which cannot work when the user is offline or send messages to the receiver if he or she is offline. But if you have whatsapp plus installed on your iphone, you can easily send messages to your friends and family even when you or they are offline, and they will be able to receive them.

Whatsapp plus is available for download on Google, so if you are using an iphone and want to grab whatsapp plus, you have to visit the cydia app store that has the latest version of whatsapp plus available for you to download absolutely free. Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to access its exciting features and transform the way you use instant messaging platforms.

The native whatsapp version does not renew itself or upgrade to newer features like the Whatsapp plus version. So if you are the type of person who wants latest features and faster speed and convenience, Whatsapp Plus is the application for you.

All you need to do is visit Cydia app store, search the Whatsapp plus application, and hit install. Once it’s installed on your iphone you will be able to send large video files, HD images, etc.


Download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, iPad, iPod – WhatsApp+ IPA

It’s not just Android but WhatsApp Plus is also available for popular iOS platform supporting both iOS 7 and iOS 8. When it supports those iOS version, it includes many iPhone and iPad models.WhatsApp Plus for iPhone

This guide is particularly mentioned on how to download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, iPad, iPod and install it to enjoy host of new features.

WhatsApp Plus iPhone

WhatsApp+ for iOS 8 and higher brings most awaited features like Stealth Mode, Sending files to iPhone 6 and hide online status. Actually the title says WhatsApp+ IPA but there is no such WhatsAppPlus.IPA available so that you can alternatively install app on your existing iDevice. So how will you install the advanced WhatsApp on iOS device? The trick is simple by downloading the Cydia app.WhatsApp Plus for iPhone


You should ensure that original WhatsApp on your phone stays intact and its required. So don’t un-install it and alternatively it you don’t have it please install from App Store.

WhatsApp+ for iOS

Follow the process mentioned below to install WhatsApp+ for iOS –

WhatsApp+ is available for free on Cydia app and its free.
You can install it from BigBoss repo source.
Search for WhatsApp+ and click on Install it.
The process of verification will be done.

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